Johnny Fan

Passionate Visual Effects Compositor

Demo Reel

Here's an example of Johnny's successful accomplishment that he has earned by working along with other passionate storytellers. All the projects he's been involved with are completed with absolute professionalism.  Browse through some of his past work to understand the kind of service he's capable of producing, and schedule an initial consultation today.

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My name is Johnny, and one afternoon in spring, I’ve discovered a trailer on YouTube. 

Not just any trailer, it was a visual effects breakdown trailer.

The beautiful colors, explosive sounds and stunning visual effects being pieced together blew my mind away. 

That led me to Vancouver film school and being a teacher assistant at Infocus film school, inspiring and supporting other passionate students and staff members. 

I also collaborated with many different storytellers and even watched my own work being shown in local theaters.

I am a visual effects compositor who dedicates 110% effort into my passion, you will be along my side throughout the progress to ensure that the direction that I'm going is indeed what you envision.  Not only that I work hard and provide heart to heart opinions, but we will have time for face to face discussion with aligning our perspectives together.

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